• string : 2018  

    string : 2018

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    • the string ® family has been expanded with the addition of sister collections such as string ® plex, string ® pocket, string ® works and string® +. we keep developing, refining and adapting string ® to make sure it’s a working shelving system for way more than books – it’s a system that can be tailored to suit your home and your belongings. no matter which version you select, string ® will give you more space in your life and more life in your space.
  • &tradition : Classics and new icons  

    &tradition : Classics and new icons

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    • We strive for timeless designs born out of tradition and revolution. We honour old masters, who were avant-garde in their time and welcome new designers creating icons of tomorrow.
  • HAY : Plates from HAY Kitchen Market 2017  

    HAY : Plates from HAY Kitchen Market 2017

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    • In partnership with award-winning and acclaimed Danish designer Cecilie Manz.
  • MENU : The Krane / Copenhagen, Denmark  

    MENU : The Krane / Copenhagen, Denmark

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    • The Krane is a private retreat for two with amazing views of Copenhagen harbour, the ocean and beyond. A converted crane for loading coal, black is the red thread throughout the interior, where you’ll find an array of MENU furniture and accessories adding to its luxurious appeal.
  • Brand Story: Vipp hotel  

    Brand Story: Vipp hotel

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    • At the Vipp hotel, we invite you to experience our philosophy of design in places out of the ordinary. Our hotel is not like many others. Instead of having all our rooms in one place, we offer a curated selection of destinations for unique experiences. The hotel is still small with just two rooms, but more are in the making.


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    • Skagerak is now a B-Corp – Using its business as a force of good
      21세기가 시작되면서 기업들은 비즈니스, 자연환경 그리고 인권과 같은 요소들간의 관계에 집중하기 시작했습니다. 글로벌 디자인 회사로서 Skagerak은 이 주제에 대해 막중한 책임감이 느끼고...
  • HAY: Product Storytelling  

    HAY: Product Storytelling

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    • HAY 가구의 숨겨진 이야기를 만나보세요.
  • GUBI : Parc Broekhuizen /Leersum, Netherlands  

    GUBI : Parc Broekhuizen /Leersum, Netherlands

    • Project
    • Interior designer Judith van Mourik approached this project with a clear mission: creating an innovative solution to enhance the classic style with new, contemporary influences and a new function for Broekhuizen Castle. She chose ....
  • Brand story: Fogia  

    Brand story: Fogia

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    • Quality. Feeling. Good craftsmanship.
  • HAY: Summer 2017  

    HAY: Summer 2017

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    • HAY 의 홈 액세서리로 꾸미는 내추럴 서머 하우스
  • Brand Story: MENU  

    Brand Story: MENU

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    • 절제된 미와 실용성을 겸비한 메누의 디자인을 이노메싸에서 만나보세요.


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    • True to the proud Danish gastronomic heritage, this original restaurant is known for the famous open-faced sandwiches and other delicious dishes. We transformed the existing seating area by adding many mirrors and the illusion of space.

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